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A Welcome and a Warning - MUST READ Empty A Welcome and a Warning - MUST READ

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Welcome to the forums for the Victorian Age Vampire chronicle Plague of Blackheath! The game is located and played on the IRC server Darkmyst. Our out-of-character room is #PoB*OOC and the main room for play is #Plague*of*Blackheath

The game is rare find on IRC, a vampire game where the Sabbat are the main protagonists of the story lines. Our heroes are the former Anarchists and now Sabbat rebels of Greater London who have banded together in the suburb of Blackheath for mutual defense and general comraderie. Thanks to their efforts, the Sabbat of London have become a thorn in Mithras' side and a veritable plague upon the people of Blackheath that shows no signs of being removed or cured anytime in the near future.

Our setting takes place in the year of our Lord, 1884 during the latter years of Queen Victoria's reign. The Industrial Revolution with all its merits and flaws is in full swing, and London is the smoking jewel of the Empire. But like the poverty that plagues the city and eats at its heart and soul, the Sabbat slowly spread like a tireless cancer from their stronghold of Blackheath. Already the Archbishop has recognized Bishops of the two neighboring suburbs, Greenwich and Lewisham. Mithras reappeared four years ago after a century of being missing and retook his seat as Prince, casting out Valerius for his failure to cull the Sabbat hordes during his tenure as Prince Pro Temp. Despite the Prince's greatest efforts, the Sabbat have held together and maintained their presence and even prospered.

As time marches on and the end of the century approaches, the Archbishop has released an invitation to Sabbat across Europe. He invites them to gather now at the Capital of the World to aid in a struggle for power that could throw the hated Camarilla and the World into chaos should the Sabbat's plans see fruition. Down with the Elders! May the world quake at the fury of the Sword of Caine!!


This chronicle is not for the faint of heart. The Sabbat are a monstrous lot to celebrate their dark natures as lords of the night. They are the Children of Caine and they revel in their Damned state, pursuing unlives that are both inhuman and impossibly violent.

Because of this, the chronicle is unsuitable for children. The game is meant for mature adults who enjoy gothic horror and dark stories. This is not a fluffy bunny Vampire game. There is no safety of Elysium. There strong rule, and the weak perish. The setting is not a bar or club or caisno to sit and make friends. There is a chance your character could die... or worse.

This is your only warning that by joining you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18 and interested in a game of horror, violence, and dark fun. You are agreeing that character concepts deemed too Humane will be denied and characters who are overly fluffy in play will likely die at the hands of their fellows. The Sabbat shun their humanity, and so the chronicle is strongly influenced by the notion of Roads of Enlightenment. The Cainites are inhuman and alien in their morals, and we intend to pursue that notion with vigor.

If you have the stomach for it, we welcome you wholeheartedly to our black circle....


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