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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:13 am

You must submit a completed character bio and sheet for approval before play. Once the sheet is submitted, temporary approval is automatically granted. The only restrictions are against combat and the use of disciplines during this time. Once approved, your sheet will be moved to the Approved section, and you will be informed of your full approval.

It has been determined that the Dark Ages: Vampire system is more fitting to the setting and feel of the game. When creating one's sheet online, use the DAV sheet and rules. Sheets can be created at which requires creation of a free membership.

Follow the walkthrough posted to create your sheet, and then provide the link in the appropriate area in the template of the character bio. Please se the provided tempates. Your main ST is OCD and unified format is one of his quirks.

Currently the game is only supporting Cainites, their ghouls, and mortal subjects. Canites must be of the Sabbat and their clans. There shall be no independents at this time. Players of mortals beware, your characters are cattle and playthings of the Cainite Damned. Expect them to be abused until claimed as a ghoul or Embraced.


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