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Geoffrey White, Bishop of Greenwich Empty Geoffrey White, Bishop of Greenwich

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Player Nick: Aymz|ooc

Character Name: Geoffrey White
Character Age: 348
Apparent Age: 30

Date of Birth: August 1st, 1536
Place of Birth: London, England
Date of Embrace: September 23rd, 1566
Place of Embrace: Bethlem Royal Hospital

Clan: Malkavian Antitribu
Generation: Seventh

Lineage: Who knows? He certainly doesn't share.

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Appearance: Tall for the time period, and strangely athletic for a man living in the conditions he did during the time of his embrace, Geoffrey is a full 6' and impressively well shaped. Broad of shoulder and narrow of hip. His clothing isn't by any means high class, though he has been known to wear a well fitted suit should the occasion demend it, he is most often seen in starkly immaculately clean clothing.. slacks, with white shirts and dark waistcoat. His personal hygiene is always above reproach.

History: Life was, for very nearly anyone not born of noble blood, a harsh existance in 16th century London.

Geoffrey White was born the third son of a tavern keeper and his wife, and though their profession usually assured that there was at least food on the table and a roof over his head it also ensured that there was little actual 'childhood' to be had. Cooking, serving, cleaning and entertaining guests was expected of young Geoff from the time he was breeched and could string together sentences.

He was always an odd boy. Given to fanciful imagination that was strongly admonished and strange behaviors that worried his mother until he was old enough to cleverly hide his outside interests. And besides, if some of those 'habits' made business boom, who was she to stop it? Their rat problem greatly lowered over time, a great feat for the filthy conditions of the time, and when a teenaged Geoff was 'entertaining' their guests there always was an assurance of repeat business from the wealthier men, and a near disappearance of the beggars who would haplessly wander in.

However young Geoffs 'strange behavior' could no longer be ignored once a guest walked in on 'playtime' with a local beggar prostitute. The naked and clearly used young woman stretched to the point of dislocation on a homemade rack, gagged with a bundle of oil soaked rag that was smoldering with flame and blistering her face and slit fully down the middle as a gleefully smiling Geoffrey was removing each organ in almost perfect wholeness.

He couldn't understand their outrage. Wasn't he just so clever, understanding the placement of the organs without formal training? Wasn't this prostitute better off dead than living with illness and degradation, filthying the streets of London and spreading her sickness? Why would they care about this wench, when they didn't even know her?

Bridewell Prison and Hospital was the only solution. To save face and spare their son's life, he was shipped there immediately, and his once semi-comfortable existance became a thing of daily unbearable nightmare that would have driven him insane if he weren't already around that bend. Bloodletting, transfusions with sheep's blood, a diet consisting of nothing but cheese, bread, bland meats and beer (the best thing for a crazed mind, or so they believed in that time). Mental patients were thought of as no better than mindless animals, and were treated as such. The conditions of Bethlem Hospital were filthy. The only source of water being a single cistern in the back yard left the building as unwashed as the patients and their clothing. The dangerous young man left chained in his room, his chamber pot changed only when it overflowed.

His life continued that way without change or pause until 1565, when a young grocer took over as Master of the hospital. A young grocer with no other qualifications, and madness that surpassed that of most of the inmates, though far more cleverly hidden. His knowledge of 'psychiatric treatment' was revolutionary, and he took an immediate liking to a now 29 year old Geoffrey.

His treatments became far more intense. Electric shocks. Smotherings only to be revived again after he had stopped breathing. Aversion therapies and harsh beatings for his failings, and equally intense 'praise' in the form of sexual release and vices fulfilled for his accomplishments. It was during one of these sessions, the young man drowned in a tub and -intending- to be revived...when his body could no longer take the tug between life and death. In a state of agitation, the Master embraced him to salvage his life.

Not much is known of the time spent in training with his Sire. Geoffrey White was announced dead, and for many years he lived in relative obscurity, until his Sire deemed him ready. Helkiah Crooke was then released to the world, a member of the medical department of James I, and soon appointed by the royal's bidding as Keeper-Physician of Bethlem Royal Hospital. An educated man with several books released on anatomy and medicine he nevertheless brought Bedlem into the sort of decline that very nearly devestated the reputation of the hospital. Embezzlement, horrifying treatment of the patients and several deaths had him ousted...and until his 'death' in 1648 he was still petitioning for his job to be reinstated.

His life turned to politics at about that time. Nothing left to immediately be gained in the world of medicine he set his sights on his Sabbat life. Rising in ranks from a simple Abbot, to a pack leader he eventually gained rank as Bishop of Greenwich, and with it the sort of recognition he knew all along he deserved. In these days he is again working within Bedlam hospital, a perfect feeding ground and place to improve the 'therapies' which will 'cure' his patients.

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