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Post  devu on Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:19 pm

Player Nick: devu

Character Name: Sabine Ayres
Character Age: 27
Apparent Age: 22

Date of Birth: 15/08/1856
Place of Birth: Baia Mure, Romania
Date of Embrace: 19/03/1878
Place of Embrace: Paris, France

Clan: Ravnos
Generation: 7th

Lineage: Cosmin Belododia (Sire)

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History: Born to the Roma gypsies, Sabine lead an interesting life from the get-go. Dancing and swindling since she was just a little girl, Sab learned how to act and think quick, and developed a real knack for languages. It wasn't until she met a particular half-Asian gadjo at a faire that things started to falter.

It was right about when she was considering leaving her people that Cosmin showed up. A series of tests let him take stock of her, of her morals and mettle, and.. then one night she was left undead in a snowy Russian courtyard, with a few whispered words on the wind. If she was good enough, if she was Ravnos, she would survive.

She would do better than survive. She has spent the intervening years alternately fleeing from the man she doesn't want to hurt and looking for her Sire, hoping that abandoning the first will save him, while finding more than a few days with her Sire will help her.

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