Rhys Beynon, Earl of Blackheath

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Rhys Beynon, Earl of Blackheath Empty Rhys Beynon, Earl of Blackheath

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Player Nick: NPC

Character Name: Rhys Beynon
Character Age: 40 years old
Apparent Age: Late twenties

Date of Birth: May 1, 1844
Place of Birth: Blackheath, London, England

Clan: Tremere Antitrbu
Domitor: Vuillermus Borjaudi

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Rhys is a handsome fellow with a regal look about him as a distant relative of the Crown. He's just slightly above average height for the time at 5'8" tall with the lean physique of a royal soldier. His features included prominent cheek bones and an angular jawline that give him a commanding look. His dark hair and eyes contrast pleasantly with his pale skin, a common feature of the aristocracy. As one of London's wealthiest heirs, he is never seen adorned in anything outside the Empire's finest attires.
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Rhys Beynon is one of the most influential and powerful mortals in the suburb of Blackheath and a visible face in the fashionable scenes of the London Aristocracy. He was born into wealth and power as the sole heir of the House Beynon, a minor branch off the Royal Family, near to the middle of the century. He was raised as a child of privilege in the Blackheath Estate, a massive manor complex on the eastern border of the suburb that was purchased by the family in the early 18th century.

Rhys was never a 'normal' boy by any definition of the term. Psychiatry, a new and budding field, labeled him a sociopath at a young age, but his parents silenced the notion with money and black mail. They'd never suspected how much they'd regret that decision before the end.. Rhys was also always interested in the Occult, a re-blossoming field of interest amongst the Aristocracy by the time of his birth. Using his family's name and prestige, he'd become a moderately initiated Mason by the young age of nineteen years old.

He committed his first murder on a cat when he was thirteen, using the family pet as a blood sacrifice in an ancient Egyptian ritual he'd discovered in an old book he'd purchased in London. It was supposedly brought from the tomb of a pharoah in Egypt. Murder became easier and more natural to him as time progressed, and so it was barely cause to bat an eye when he decided to murder his parents at twenty.

To move further up in the Masons he needed to cause to a shift in the balance of power.. create a vacuum. His father, as the head of the local chapter, was the natural choice. His mother he killed because she was pregnant at the time, and a sibling would have possibly meant a lessening of his inheritance and competition.

Rhys first encountered Vuillermus at the local Masonic lodge in the year months of 1870. The latter claimed to be a merchant from Sion who had moved to London to take advantage of the vast market of the Capital of the Empire. Rhys found the strangely pale and ethereally beautiful Mason to be astoundingly intriguing.. and Vuillermus' knowledge of the occult was tantamount to heaven for the eager practitioner.

Their mentor-student relationship progressed until in December of that same year Vuillermus initiated Rhys into a new secret society, that of the Damned. Serving as his pupil and ghoul, Rhys used his influence and power to make the Sabbat's occupation and fortification of Blackheath easier. And with his high status amongst the Masonic Order, he has enabled the Sabbat to begin to influence and infest that august body of Great Britain's greatest gentleman.

Rhys' next goal is to use his blood ties to help bring the Sabbat's influence to the Nobility and even to Victoria herself. As he sees it, if the Sabbat gained control of the Crown, they could finally oust the Camarilla and kill Prince Mithras. If he could do that for Sabbat... he just might earn his just reward and final initiation, The Embrace..

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