Mithras, Prince of London, Overlord of Avalon

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Mithras, Prince of London, Overlord of Avalon Empty Mithras, Prince of London, Overlord of Avalon

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Player Nick: NPC Antagonist

Character Name: Mithras
Character Age: 2000+ years old
Apparent Age: Twenties

Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Ancient Persia
Date of Embrace: 1258 BC
Place of Embrace: Ancient Persia

Clan: Ventrue
Generation: Fourth

Childe of,
Childe of,
Childe of,

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Mithras is a sight to behold indeed, glorious and dark in his splendor. The ancient Prince of London is short by Victorian standards barely rising above 5'2" with a compact, muscular build of a soldier and dark skinn uncharacteristic to Kindred of the West. His eyes are somber and speak of untold sorrows and lives seen pass by over countless centuries. The presence of the man is astounding and few Kindred can bear the gaze of Mithras in his wrath..

In short, Mithras is ancient. Born in a land far from London that would one day become Persia, he was once a general and soldier. It is said that during his war travels Mithras encountered and was ultimately embraced by the Ventrue Antediluvian himself, who he names Veddhartha, but none alive today in all of Avalon could confirm the tale.

Few elders left awake are old enough to remember Rome in its glory, but Mithras is one of them. It was during this time that the Cult of Mithras spread from Persian into the legions of the Roman Empire, following them upwards to the frontier land of Britain. It is said that by the yeard AD 71, Mithras had taken up residence on the island near to Londinium in its ancient form. Again, none alive can confirm this portion of the tale.

What can be remembered by Kindred and Cainite elders alike is the rise of the ancient from torpor shortly after the Norman conquest of Britain. The Kindred of Britain initially resisted the Prince's power, but eventually he once again unified the Kindred of the isles. In 1154, Mithras was recognized by the greatest ampires of the Isles as the Prince of London and the Overlord of Avalon, the name in which they refered to their shadow kingdom amongst hte mortals.

Mithras would tighten his hold on the kingdom as the centuries progressed, holding to power even through the failed Anarch Revolution while also dealing with his principal rivals in the budding Camarilla faction, the Toreador of Edinburgh and the Tremere of Durham. Ultimately Mithras would win the night, and while he considered the Camarilla nothing more than a useful tool, it was one he used to cement his power. Thus did London and its satellites fall under the tyrannical hold of the Kindred.

During the end years of the 18th century, Mithras vanished, and his childe Valerius reigned as Prince Pro Temp. Valerius, secretly eager to take the seat of Prince for himself was too distracted with Camarilla politics to fully defend the region from the encroaching Sabbat. The horrors of the Industrial revolution and the severe poverty engendered by a greedy and corrupt mortal Aristocracy made the Empire's crown jewel a hot seat of anarchist sentiments amongst both moral and undead alike.

Mithras returned in 1880 only to discover not only had his trusted Childer invited his enemies to his very gates, the city was infested with Sabbat influences from all sides. Mithras' retribution was swift. Valerius was cast out of position, usurped by his own childe Lady Anee Bowsley whose ambitious nature and control of Parliament earned her Mithras' favor. Next came Camarilla purges of know hives of Sabbat activity from White Chapel to the wilds beyond the West End. Treaties with the other baronies of Avalon insured that none would allow safe haven to the refugee Sabbat who fled in all directions from the heart of the Crown Jewel.

Incidentally however, Mithras actions only worked perfectly into Vuillermus' plans. He provided the potent and unbeatable enemy the now Archbishop needed to secure his own rank and power. Blackheath, under the protection of the potent Sabbat Witch and his pack, became a safe haven for the Sabbat of the rest of the region, and they came flooding to his door step. That the new leader of the Sabbat is also one of the Tremere Usurpers infuriates Mithras to no end. His primary goal in these nights is to use the Camarilla and its fear of the bloody Sabbat to purge this hated rival from his lands forever..

Sheet: Can be found in Victorian Age Vampire - London by Night


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