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Charles and Juliet Hayworth are the wealthiest couple in Lewisham Borough, although they live outside the suburb of Lewisham proper on a vast manor estate between the towns of Blackheath, Lewisham, and Greenwich. The Hayworths were always an eccentric pair even as children. Juliet's father was a member of the House of Lords, a position her brother now holds. She comes from Chelsea, one of the wealthiest towns in Greater London, west of Westminster and the western side of London proper. She made Charles, ten years her senior, when she was twelve, and they were married the following year. Charles had been her father's accountant and heir to the wealthy Hayworth estate.

These days Charles is rarely seen, having suffered a massive heart attack three years ago. Most of those who see if are his clients, whom he prepares taxes for. He is employed by some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in all of the Empire, including one Rhys Beynon. It was through this relationship that Juliet came to learn more of the paranormal, which had always interested her.

Now in what is likely the final days of her husband's life, Juliet squanders the family wealth on near nightly shows and gatherings concerning the paranormal. As such, the Hayworth House has become one of the most popular stomping grounds for Greater London's well-to-do occultists, ardent practitioner and casual dabbler alike. This mass popularity has also made it a place to discuss the social affairs of the day whilst awaiting the night's presentation, such as the rumored torrid affair between Ms. Hayworth and Earl Beynon themselves.


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