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The Crown Royale is the most popular public house, or pub, in all of Blackheath. In fact, it's so popular that interested parties often come from neighboring parts of Greater London, Lewisham and Greenwich in particular, for a pint of ale and good company. It's a particular favorite of friends of the Hayworths, who often stop by on their way to and from Juliet's parties and performances.

The pub is owned by Seamus Bathory, a well-to-do gentleman who is supposedly running for the House of Commons of Parliament in the next election. Seamus is a rough and tumble sort for a gentleman, but he has to be for when customers get a little out of hand with their celebrations and drinking. The best part of Seamus's, they say, is that you can meet all sorts there. Seamus doesn't turn down any patron so long as he has coin in his purse.


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