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Post  devu on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:54 pm

Player Nick: devu

Character Name: Arwen Starling
Character Age: 17

Date of Birth: 01/27/1866
Place of Birth: Blackheath, London, England

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History: It was Arwen's great-grandfather that pushed the Starling family into the Noble class; a wealthy merchant who turned to fine books after making his fortune. After years of travelling abroad, of hoarding a collection of fine things, the distinguished man finally settled down in Blackheath. The store, and the apartments above, were purchased outright from whatever landbaron had owned them before, and no cost was spared in the refitting. Exotic woods and stones were imported, lavish materials procured, and one might thing they were in a wing of a palace or some cozy castle instead of an apartment in London.

Young Arwen grew up in the shop, taught to read and write by her mother and left to read whatever struck her fancy from the shop down below. She also learned the womanly arts of sewing and housekeeping, dabbling in cooking when left to the care of their servant.. and it was near enough her fourteenth birthday that her parents were murdered in the streets, mugged for a bit of jewelry and coin. Mature for her age and remarkably self-possessed. Arwen wasted no time in taking over what was now -her- household-- There had been no betrothals, yet, and so there was no family to swoop in and take their promised bride. Perhaps her father had been waiting for the perfect match, or.. perhaps he simply took too much pleasure in having his young daughter at home.

Regardless, Arwen somehow managed to remain aloof and alone, taking care of herself and the shop without giving in to the demands of propriety or demands of marriage from lacklustre suitors who figured the young woman would be an easy, desirable catch. Foreign contacts were remarkably receptive to her offers of continued business, and.. to this day, the young woman runs her shop on her own, with an ever-expanding library of the occult, in response to Society's current fancy.

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