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Player Nick: devu

Character Name: Cosmin Belododia
Character Age: 307
Apparent Age: Early 30s

Date of Birth: Unknown, 1577 AD
Place of Birth: Persia
Date of Embrace: Unknown, 1608
Place of Embrace: Persia

Clan: Ravnos
Generation: Sixth

Cosmin Beladodia,
childe of Ardeshir,
childe of Rodina,
childe of Ravnos

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History: Very, very little is known about Cosmin Belododia. He comes and goes like the wind, where and when he will. His the very definition of rogue, a knave and a scoundrel that has been up more skirts than most people would care to think about. He has played bard to Lords and Ladies, been the kiss of death to husbands of lovers..

Where he goes and what he does, his own Children might not know-- and if they do, not a one has ever been convinced to speak of it.

He has only three known progeny to date:
Luca Belododia, Mihai Belododia and Sabine Belododia.

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