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Post  simonsays on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:33 am

Player Nick: Simon

Character Name:Leviathan Staus
Character Age: 266
Apparent Age: 52

Date of Birth:November 3rd In the year of our lord 1618
Place of Birth: Holy Roman Empire
Date of Embrace:1670
Place of Embrace: St. Micheal's Benediction

Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th

Lineage: Caine, Enoch, Lasombra, Raphael, Mojomir III, Cardinal Wratsnir

Sheet:[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Born the third son of the baron of Freirhaus Castle, Leviathan was given very few options in his early life, while intelligent and well spoken his brothers born before him were granted great opportunity, the first inherited the castle, the second was granted a place in the military and Leviathan was given to the church. This sacrifice however turned out well for the third son, his intellect and ambition made those around him look twice, he quickly moved up the ranks, his family while not poor could do little to push his position so he pushed theres using the church to further both sides. They grew and so did he, becoming more impressive then his brothers, quickly taking an Arch Bishopric however this rise in rank drew the attention of another, a Cardinal and vampire.

He was made a ghoul at first, controlled through the blood bond, he served his master for 20 years before receiving the gift, he was an old man at the end of his career never able to advance due to his master in the big chair above him. When he was finally turned though that ended.

Using the Sabbat as his out, Leviathan took his chance he devoured his sire and used others to cover it up, he slipped into the position, however he learns too late that diablerie can be seen in the aura, he turns to the Sabbat for aid, they agree and Leviathan leads the local Camarilla into a trap.

Actively hunted he abandons the Holy Roman Empire and begins to travel using the priests and monks to do it, changing his name repeatedly he ends up in England with the alias William.

He has decided that in this place he can once again rebuild far from his enemies in Germany and the powerbases of the Sabbat on the mainland.


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