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All Saints Church, founded in 1857, is the iconic primary building of the town of Blackheath along the northern edge of the town's common grounds. Once upon a time, the cathedral was the home of a stoic and pious Salubri Abbot and advisor to Mithras once upon a time. With the Sabbat's arrival in 1870 however, the Ashen Priest perished at the hands of Archbishop Vuillermus himself.

In the Victorian Night's, the church is now home to the enigmatic Rhys Beynon, a ghoul of the Archbishop and a prominent member of London's chapter of the Brotherhood of Masons. With its monolithic looks and prominent spire, the church was the natural choice for the Archbishop to house his public Presence.

Behind the church is a vast cemetery with multiple mausoleums and other shrines to the Dead. It is said that one of the Mausoleums houses a secret entrance to the Catacombs beneath the city, though no mortal alive now has ever found it..


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