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All Saints Cemetery was not always called All Saints Cemetery. Closer to the town's founding, during the era of the Black Plague, the cemetery was called simply the Blackheath Cemetery. It was home to the dead of wealthy families who could afford to buy a marked grave, which was an expensive commodity in a time when people were dying by the thousands.

The cemetery was part of the grounds purchased by the church, and when All Saints was founded, the church took control of the cemetery and inherited the duties of its upkeep. That said, the cemetery is rather lacking in upkeep for two simple facts. First, the families who had their relatives interred here are dead themselves, and no one comes to visit any longer. Secondly, the cemetery is rumored to be haunted. Many townsfolk have reported hearing and seeing strange things in the fog during the night on the cemetery's grounds. What's more, it's said that a lost entrance to the mas burial Catacombs is located here. They say that the unnamed dead come out of this lost gate to roam the hallowed grounds in search of a place to inscribe their name so that they can again be remembered and mourned...


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