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Code of Conduct (OOC) Empty Code of Conduct (OOC)

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:47 am

The following list are the rules and regulations of PLAYERS to are a part of the Plague of Blackheath chronicle or linger in any fashion or regularity in our associated rooms. These rule are subject to change at any time time at ST's discretion.

1) WE ARE ADULTS so act like it. The STs are not babysitters. If you are offended by anything said or done in the OOC room, take it up with the player. Only bring a squabble to the STs if the issue can't be resolved between the interested parties.

2) SEPARATE YOUR MINDS. That is there is to be absolutely no mixing of OOC/IC. We are playing inhuman characters here, so one would be naive and probably retarded to assume that the behavior of a person's character reflects the behavior of the player themselves. Do not whine about someone not liking you because their character was mean. Do not play your character in an uncharacteristic way just because you don't like someone. You WILL be banned for it.

3) WE AREN'T COUNCILOR'S. While sharing your day, good and bad, is fine and great... If all you have to tell us about your life is how horrible it is, take it somewhere else. We play Team Evil in a game of Damned creatures.. chances are no one really cares all that much if you have the saddest life of ever.

4) HAVE FUN. We play RPGs and come to IRC over all to have fun and relax/escape from the mundanity of our lives. So please do just that!! Play as you want.. speak as you want for the most part. If playing ever gets to feeling more like a duty or chore than a privilege and a choice, take a step back to breathe. Nobody blames you. It happens..


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