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Code of Conduct (IC) Empty Code of Conduct (IC)

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The Sabbat follows few rules as they are understood by mortals and Kindred alike. That said, the following are those rules which are most heavily enforced by the Archbishop and his Templars.

1) Revel in your nature: None shall cling the tatters of their lost humanity. We have trascended the mortal coil, and it is a Sin against Caine to linger on your past life. Those who have not pursued a higher state of being (A Road) other than the Via Humanitas after six months will be killed, the gift of Caine's blood to be reclaimed by the Worthy.

2) Be loyal to the cause. The Kindred would have us staked and left for the Sun or worse.. forced to live our unlives as a lie, pretending to be human. Do not be fooled by Kindred "mercy". They do not want to be your friend. They want to enslave our race to the Antediluvians, and they would offer you has a sacrifice to save themselves. Kill them on sight in Blackheath.. be wary of them elsewhere.

3) None are to masquerade as a Kindred unless given the Archbishop's approval and recogniztion as an official Scout of the Sabbat. Those found to be gathering Kindred contacts otherwise will be punished severely... after the names of their contacts are revealed.

4) Be loyal. Traitors to the Sabbat will be killed without mercy.. slowly so that you will understand your mistakes and failings before you beg for death.

5) Do not war upon your allies. The Pact of 1803 forbids us to war amongst ourselves. Taking the life of another Cainite without the permission of the Archbishop or outside of a Just Challenge is forbidden. The penalty is death.

6) To betray the Sabbat is to betray your nature. You will be punished duly.. do not espext death to come quickly or painlessly.

7) We do not support the Kindred's Masquerade. Humans are meant to be the fodder and cattle of our glorious race. That said, there is a difference between needless revelation and dominating the lesser race. Do not endanger the Sabbat by revealing your nature frivolously and giving our underlings a chance to understand their master's natures. Strike from the shadows, and thus demand that Humanity fear the night and its masters.

8)The Amaranth may only be performed on other Cainites with the express permission of the Archbishop. There are only two other times in which diablerie without consent from the Archbishop is permissable: The Kindred are a waste of the blood and a disgrace to our heritage. Wipe them out. That you consume their soul as well as body is a fitting punishment. The second exception is Cainites of one's own blood lineage. Sires beware for thine childer are thy judges. Membership in the Sabbat does not save one from the judgement of your progeny should you be found lacking.


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