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Crypt of the Damned Empty Crypt of the Damned

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Crypt of the Damned Capuchin-1

The catacombs beneath Blackheath are monolithic in their extensive proportions. Modeled after the catacombs of France, the bone-lined halls weave a maze of horror beneath the suburb. The heart of the catacombs beneath the town commons though has been.. remodeled by the new Sabbat residents. Using the bones of four thousand Anglican priests, the Sabbat has fashioned a massive crypt beneath the city in the style of the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks beneath Rome. It is here in this black grandeur that the Archbishop holds nightly court. All major Rites of the Sabbat are performed here, and it the main gathering point for the permanent packs to deal with one another. The sole two rules ae no killing and no damaging the Archbishop's damned architectural achievement...

The only open entrance to the cataombs that leads to the Crypt is located hidden in one of the Mausoleums found on the grounds of the All Saints Cemetary. In ths fashion the Archbishop has secured his prize possession from incursions of both mortal and Kindred alike.

Crypt of the Damned _Capuchin_Crypt
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Crypt of the Damned Photo_courtesy_of_The_Capuchin_Crypt


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