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Player Nick: B

Character Name: Edward Lowe
Character Age: 180
Apparent Age: 34

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Westminster London
Date of Embrace: 1724
Place of Embrace: Port Bella Morte, Brazil

Clan: Assamite Antitribu
Generation: 7

Lineage: Caine > Zillah > Haqim > Shulgi > Al-Ashrad > John Blathley (English Crusader) > Edward Lowe

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

History: His mortal life is summed up here ( [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ). As he was turned in Brazil, the true push began. Feeling the new unlife surge within him, he served his sire for 10 years, mastering the arts of assassination and perfecting the art of the blade. In the end, however, the sea called out to him. One evening, just before his sire awoke, he took to port, commandeered a ship, and took to sea.

Here he learned of a dire flaw that nearly ended him. He had a small, and loyal, following abored with him. These were more cattle than actually useful deckhands or so he thought. Upon his first awakening, he fed and was repulsed. His sire, his taste refined for the young and tanned virgin girls of the port, had never fed his progeny anything else. Now, however, his tastes were refined to this particular blood. He was ill at the repulsive taste of the salty sailors life essence. Enraged, he cut the man in half and disposed of the body. He was in a quandry.

Several nights later, starving and nearly insanse, his salvation appeared. Across the horizon sailed a carrier ship. He, and his men, took the ship by force. They killed the men with their customary brutality, but Lowe ordered safe quarter for the women. He quickly sniffed out the four of the beautiful young lasses who were virgins. Nine of the other women either were...spoiled...or lacked the particular beauty that made their blood palatable. These women, he gave to his men to enjoy.

Keeping these young women on board as his personal "Concubines" he fed and cared well for them. This was so, at least until he reached his next port and locate a few others to take their place. Then, the unfortunate lasses would be viciously ravished and drained of all their essence. He also, shortly after his first trek back to england, ghouled his crew and the additional crew he forced into service after taking the carrier ship.

Lowe had a change of heart in 1795. He had taken over a ship and in its hold found a coffin. Within this coffin rested the vampire named Miguel of clan Lasombra. He here learned of the Sabbat and found their truth so compelling that he turned to follow his new lords ways. Miguel DeSantos was a powerful Priscus of Spain and had taken note of Lowes lineage and obvious skills of combat and murder. He began sending Lowe and his crew across the world in order to serve the Sabbat. Over the next 70 years, Lowe and his men toppled Camarilla power structures and plundered wealth unimaginable.

The year was 1870 and Lowe had decided to finally return to England. He was given leave from his Priscus and told to aquire and bring a vampire named Vuillermus Borjaudi with him. In order to secure safe passage for his charge, he disguised his ship, as well as himself, as a part of the East Empire Trading Company. He did as was told and formed a strong trust for the elder vampire. After coming to port, he recieved permission to continue his service as Bishop of Lewisham and he has been serving loyally ever since. He has amassed a number of ships and controls a sizeable portion of piracy on all major ports from England, France, and Spain and throughout the Carribean.

Sheet: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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