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Creation Walkthrough (Ghoul) Empty Creation Walkthrough (Ghoul)

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The ghouls of the Sabbat are much darker than their Camarilla counterparts. In the Victorian Era and its occult revival, many have been drawn to the Cainites seeking power and mystical insight. They have the benefit of knowing what it is they serve long before they are ghouled, and to reflect this ALL GHOUL CHARACTERS RECIEVE OCCULT 1 FOR FREE. The following is a guide for the rest of a ghoul character's creation.

1) Concept: Pick a general concept of the character. This can be anything, and should be inventive. Is your character the last mortal descendant of his domitor? Is she a Tzimisce's revenant lover or thrall of a Lasombra lord?

2)Clan: This is the clan of your Domitor.

3) Attributes: All attributes begin at 1 to reflect basic human nature. Assign priorities and dots. The number of dots per priority are as follows: Primary is six dots. Secondary is four dots. Tertiary is three dots.

4) Abilities: Abilities are things learned through the experience gained through life. All abilities begin at zero. Like attributes, one must assign a priority between three categories. Primary receives eleven dots to spend. Secondary gets seven. Tertiary only receives four dots to spend.

5) Disciplines: All ghouls receive 1 dot in Potence to reflect their inhuman nature. You may assign one more dot in one of three in-clan disciplines of your domitor. This may be a second dot of potence if it is in-clan an your domitor is of the requisite generation (see below).

6) Backgrounds: Spend five points on backgrounds of your choice. The Age background does not exist in the DAV system and thus is not permissable. Haven reflects a communal territory of your domitor's pack if applicable. Otherwise a personal haven is free and no dots need be spent. It merely must fit into the budget of your resources level.

7) Virtues. Like attributes, all three Virtues begin at 1. You have only five dots to spread amongst all three virtues to reflect the deterioration of moral values amongst Sabbat ghouls.

Cool Humanity: Ghouls still maintain a broken sense of their humanity even amongst the Sabbat. This is calculated by adding your conscience and self-control virtues.

9) Willpower: A character's willpower at creation is determined by his starting courage. Note that using freebies to increase one's Courage rating DOES NOT also increase one's willpower.

10) Blood pool: In our game, a Ghoul's bloodpool is always 5 no matter how much vampiric blood that they ingest.

11)Merits/Flaws: Most all of the merits and flaws found in the Dark Ages: Vampire book and supplements are permissable. If you're not sure, ask an ST. Merits are purchased with freebie points and flaws taken to add color to a sheet and character reward you with the listed number of freebie points they "cost".

12) FREEBIES: Freebie/Bonus points may be used at the end of the creation process to flesh out a sheet and add that extra dot here and there where needed. BE SURE to list where freebies were spent in the additional information section of the sheet if you want to be approved any time soon. Until JANUARY 31, 2013 you have 30 freebies to spend at creation in celebration of a new game and new year. After that point, the standard 21 freebies will be upheld. The Freebie costs are listed below:

Attributes - 5fp per dot
Abilities - 2fp per dot
Disciplines - 10fp per dot
Backgrounds - 1fp per dot
Virtues - 2fp per dot
Humanity - 2fp per dot
Willpower - 1fp per dot (may not exceed 8 at character creation)

A ghoul's maximum Discipline trait rating is determined by the Generation of his domitor. A ghoul with a more potent blooded master is capable of greater powers. In Plague of Blackheath, we use the optional maximum trait rules from the Revised edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, which is listed below. Unless your character's domitor is an ACTIVE APPROVED CHARACTER, the generational limit of their domitor can NEVER be lower than 11th generation.

Generation 13 - 1 (Having a generation 13 domitor is a flaw, just like being one in the Victorian Age)
Generation 12 - 1
Generation 11 - 1
Generation 10 - 2
Generation 9 - 2
Generation 8 - 3
Generation 7 - 3


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