Thomas "Nox" Chandler, Priscus of London

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Thomas "Nox" Chandler, Priscus of London Empty Thomas "Nox" Chandler, Priscus of London

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Player Nick: NPC

Character Name: Thomas "Nox" Chandler
Character Age: 536
Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Date of Birth: June 5, 1328
Place of Birth: Surrey, England
Date of Embrace: January 3, 1350
Place of Embrace: Surrey, England

Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Generation: Eighth

Thomas Chandler
Childe of,
The Bogey
Childe of,
Mordred the Deathless
Childe of,

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The appearance of the Nosferatu known publicly only as Nox is grotesque to say the least. It's downright mortifying to anyone with a modicum of medical knowledge capable of comprehending the nature of his deformities. Much of Nox's neck and face seems rotted, turned black by necrosis and disease. His hands and feet are completely black and covered in sores. He's missing his left ear, and his body is covered in buboes. What skin isn't turned black has a sickly pallor, and his once brown eyes are clouded with cataracts that don't seem to impair his vision.

Very little of the Cainite called Nox is known to any other than his packmates. Even his mortal name has been obfuscated by time and his own intention. That he was a peasant born in Surrey twenty years before the Black Death swept the nation is all that is known of his mortal days.

His unlife began as the pawn of his Kindred sire in the latter nights of the Anarch Revolt that swept Europe and prompted the creation of the two Sects which now populate the night. The Bogey was an influential and terrible follower of the Via Vindicta, the Path of Retribution. Basing his alias on ancient tales of the bogeyman to traumatize his chosen herd and victims, the Bogey was one of the first targets of the Anarchs in the area surrounding London.

The Bogey had long deterred his would be usurpers, but even the mighty fall in time. Knowing his resources and time were wearing thin, the Bogey sought out a man who had nothing to lose for his own protection. That man was found in the then mortal Nox, who had spent the final two years of his mortal life burying his relatives as one by one they were struck down by the plague. By the time the Bogey happened on his future child, Nox was suffering the final stages of the Black Death himself.

Nox's embrace was not out of mercy. The Bogey strongly believed that the plague was the Hand of God striking down the wicked amongst the Kine since his chosen weapon, the Vampires, had failed in their mission to bring retribution to Mankind. He believed Nox was a wicked thing, and he embraced him to preserve the terror and fear the plague produced.. to merge the horrors of God's two weapons against evil. That this ultimate representation would serve as the bulwark against his Anarch enemies was fitting, he believed, in that it would show the Anarchs whom had God on his side.

It was utter irony then when in 1400 on the eve of All Hollow's Eve that it was Nox himself who sabotaged the defenses of the Bogey's castle, allowing the Anarchs to storm the gates. After the death of his sire at the hands of the Brujah Tyler herself, Nox continued traveling with the Anarchs, bringing the fires of justice against the dominion of the elders. Embittered by his unfortunate mortal days and the circumstances of his black salvation as one of the Damned, Nox found the notion of surrender repugnant when the Anarch Revolt was ended. Shunning his former friends, allies, and clanmates, the Nosferatu became one of the first members of the Sabbat in England.

Nox returned to Surrey, taking up residence in the shattered ruins of his sire's castle, giving rise to tales amongst the mortals of a fiendish devil who haunted the grounds. Protected by the dangers of the lupine wilds surrounding the castle, the budding Camarilla lead by the methuselah Mithras out of nearby London was never able to enact a full siege of the castle..

Nox became increasing isolated as the centuries wore on, and by the time Vuillermus took control of the Sabbat of London, the ancient Nosferatu Antitribu was nearly forgotten. But time had destroyed much of the wilds which held the Camarilla at bay, and hearing of the called gathering in Blackheath, Nox sought out the Archbishop for mutual defense.

Nox has served as the Archbishop's primary spiritual advisor nearly since their meeting fourteen years ago. That he was promoted to the rank of Priscus two years ago with Vuillermus' support came as no surprise to any. He resides in the catacombs beneath Blackheath and serves as the unofficial keeper of the Archbishop's treasured Crypt of the Damned below the town commons. Many nights the fanatical crypt keeper is never seen.. but his presence his always felt when he wishes it.

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