Vuillermus Borjaudi, Archbishop of London

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Vuillermus Borjaudi, Archbishop of London Empty Vuillermus Borjaudi, Archbishop of London

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Player Nick: ^Casey^

Character Name: Vuillermus Borjaudi
Character Age: 883 years old
Apparent Age: 23 years old

Date of Birth: April 11, 1001 AD
Place of Birth: Sion, Switzerland
Date of Embrace: October 31, 1024
Place of Embrace: Sion, Switzerland

Clan: Tremere Antitribu, "House Goratrix"
Generation: Seventh

Vuillermus Borjaudi
Childe of,
Childe of,
Goratrix the Betrayer

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Vuillmerus Borjaudi is a handsome man, tall for the age standing at 6'1" tall with a lean build and sharply defied and angular features. Black hair stands out in sharp contrast with his pale, smooth skin. His eyes are a deep shade of moss green. He's rarely seen outside of any one of the finest suits of the day.

Very little of Vuillermus true history is public knowledge, event amongst the aristocracy of London's Sabbat. What is known is that when he was born nearly a millenium ago, he was the favored cousin of the mortal Bishop of Sion, and his father was both a wealthy merchant and the leader of the local chapter of the Hermetic House Tremere. Vuillermus was to be the heir of the Regency of the city.

In 1022AD the leader of House Tremere, the house's namesake Lord Tremere and his seven closest followers where transformed into vampires by a botched immortality ritual invented by the ambitious mage, Goratrix. For the next two years the House began to convert its membership to the Undead or killed them and a great internal conflict broke out amongst the Tremere as those who supported the change and those who did not squared off. Vuillermus' father was in the camp dead set against converting and thus this was the stance the Chantry of Sion took as well.

While Vuillermus was a talents hedge magician, he never proved worthy in his father's eyes because he never Awakened and gained the ability to practice true magic. He was stripped of his inheritance and his heirship of the Regency for it when his younger brother Awakened instead. Bitter over this and seeking greater power, young Vuillermus plotted with the First Childe of Goratrix, Epistantia, to overthrow his father and help the vampires take over the chantry. In the end, Vuillermus murdered his own family in their sleeps and took the title of Regent himself. As a reward for his dedication to Tremere and his black ambition, Epistantia herself granted him the Embrace in 1024AD.

In 1230AD, he was reassigned by his grandsire from the Chantry of Sion to the fallen Constantinople to help in re-strengthening Abetorius' chantry there. He served faithfully until the beginning of the Anarch Revolt. Following his Grandsire's example, Vuillermus betrayed the clan and attempted to perform the Amaranth on Abetorius himself, Childe of Meerlinda and member of the Inner Circle of Seven. While he nearly suceeded, agents of the loyal Tremere defeated him in the final stages of draining the Councilor, and he fled, following the Silk Road east and disappearing from known Cainite history.

In 1770AD, Vuillermus returned to the West hidden on a tradeship of the East India Company bound for London. Upon his arrival, he took control of the weak Sabbat forces and gathered them in the former plague town of Blackheath to the southeast in Greater London to fortify their position and cement the Sect's presence in the capital.

Since then, Vuillermus has maintained the Sabbat's presence even with the return of the powerful Methuselah, Prince Mithras to the throne in 1780. In that same year, he was recognized as the Archbishop of London by the Priscus Sascha Vykos the Angel of Caine, a powerful Tzimisce elder, for defeating Mithras' forces sent to oust the Sabbat from the city. As Archbishop, Vuillermus has savagely maintained a modicum of order and furthered the Sect's agenda. Thanks to his efforts, the suburb of Blackheath is firmly in the Sabbat's grasp, and he has even begun to recognize Bishops over the neighboring neighborhoods of Greenwich and Lewisham..

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